ISHOF SaferSwimmer

ISHOF SaferSwimmer designed to provide safety in open water swimming.

ISHOF SaferSwimmer designed to provide safety in open water swimming.

Push your limits to a limitless place



The ISHOF SaferSwimmer® Float is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for

open water swimmers, serving three important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke. When considering personal safety and peace of mind for you and those who care about you consider the following advantages of this device:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skiis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming;
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury and it can also be used to rescue others;
  • It can also keep your “stuff” safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your “stuff” on one-way swims across rivers or lakes.






The ISHOF SaferSwimmer® Float keeps you or your children safe during most swimming activities. It basically works as an inflatable float which is attached on a band to your waist and is carried in the current behind you. Now you might be thinking, well, that is not that revolutionary. You are right, this simply is not, however, the beauty comes in the fact that the device does not cause you to swim slower due to its resistance behind your body. When you swim, your body creates sort of a turbulent wave channel behind you with water moving in the direction of your swim. In more scientific fluid dynamics terms, this turbulent wave creates vortices which in turn produce a low pressure area behind the swimmer which causes the water to move along in the direction of the swimmer’s swim. The ISHOF SaferSwimmer®  Float takes advantage of this water flow and is basically moved in the direction of the swim on top of the wave with very little resistance. It is very similar to the idea of when cyclists or swimmers are drafting behind each other in their open road/water races. The second cyclist/swimmer always works a lot less than the first who has to plow through the air/water to create the forward moving channel.

Another great feature is the bright orange color of the float. Being seen is a must in open water swimming, so any boats will go around the are you swim. Open water swimmers usually wear a colorful cap to accomplish being seen, however, those caps are quite small and with the head being in the water and waves going around your body, this is not ideal. The ISHOF SaferSwimmer® Float with its 50cm long and about 20cm tall (when inflated) body makes a perfect statement in the deep blue since the orange color is hard to miss.


The ISHOF SaferSwimmer® Float does not, however, have to be used only for swimming. Since it floats in a wake your body creates behind you, it is bound to float behind your kayak or a canoe, so if you are running out of space in the boat compartments or you just don’t have any, why not take the ISHOF SaferSwimmer® Float along, fill it with the items you need to keep dry and let it float behind your boat while you paddle to explore near by coves.




The float is the best swimming product since Swedish goggles. All the boats see me now, so I can focus on my swim and not on the incoming boat traffic.

Safer Swimmer is my new open water buddy. The buoy is simply awesome. I don’t swim anywhere without it.

The Simple and the Not-So-Simple.


Product review form USA Triathlon Magazine

Fall 2012

Lars, Sweden

Kenn, UK

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Developed by ISHOF CEO Bruce Wigo and his friend Roger Liu, of Shenzhen, China, the ISHOF SaferSwimmer® was the first product of its kind in the market and is responsible for the term SSD (Safe Swimming Device).  It is now being used all over the world, making swimming safer in the open water and saving lives.


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